Kevin Quin Photography

Welcome to Kevin Quin Photography, my little space in the digital world.

Through these pages I will be sharing with you my favourite photos, telling some tales about them and generally enjoying my passion. I will post a combination of blogs and new galleries whenever I can and hopefully keeping you coming back to enjoy my photos as much as i enjoy taking them

About me and my photography

First things first, i am not a massive photographic bore, never have been, never will be. I know how to use a camera and i taught myself through a bit of reading and a shed load of practice. Thousands of photos have been deleted, probably 10’s of thousands, that is the gift of digital photography and once you know the basics of how your camera works then that is how i would suggest you learn, look at photos you like, identify the elements that you think work, go take some photos yourself.

I have no intent here to try to teach you how to take a good photo, nor how to fine tune your camera, i am here for the love of the pictures that come at the end of it all, the one picture out of 20 or 50 or 100 that you are really happy with, and most of all I am here to share these photos with you.

Check my blog posts for more information about me and what i have been up to. Feel free to contact me via the links provided if you would like to discuss a photo shoot.

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