Covid chronicles part 4

Simple shot that I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday. This time we are in the usually rammed Canterbury high street. The echos here we truly spooky in an area normally vibrant with conversations in accents and languages from all corners of the world mixed with a vast array of street performers and buskers. Today one lonesome car remains to signify that the world is not yet forsaken.

Full Moon

Taken at the museum of the moon exhibition at Rochester Cathedral in Kent. Is really is something to see this installation in all its glory. I can’t imagine a more spectacular site than a true to scale moon inside a cathedral.

Totally inspiring. I want to do some dodge and burn work on this so when I have the time I will have a play and post the results.

I do want to know what are your best out of place yet so eight photos ? Post links in the comments I really want to see them.

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